The Science in Vance’s Fiction
What Kind of Artist is Jack Vance?
Amaranths, Hormagaunts and Seishanee
Sinister Old Men in Institute Black
The Pulpish Plot
Style and the Spenglerian Atmosphere
The Mecca of Scientism
The Cadwal Chronicles
Anti-Paul Auster
Jane Austen and Jack Vance
Locus Review Reviewed
Rlaru, Lurulu and the Grand Tournament At Mornune
Capitalist and Fascists, Citizens And Slaves   
The Roots of Variety
Thomas Sowell’s Cosmic Regret
The Purple Magic of Sigmund Freud
Thoughts on Throy
Is Jack Vance Anti-christian?
Myth and a Vancian Anatomy of the New Culture
The Plot of Blue World
Between Heaven and Earth
How to Praise Lurulu
Beyond Democratic Art
The Aesthetics and Ideology of The Domains of Koryphon
Some Theoretical Aspects of The Domains of Koryphon
Marxist Money
The Situation of Infinity and The Eliatic Illusion
Archetypes of the Peripatetic Scamp
The Inner Darkness of the Winged Being
The Plain of Standing Stones